Kate Winslet was desperate to work with her husband Sam Mendes on a movie project after Tom Hanks lavished praise on the filmmaker. Hanks worked with the director on 2002 drama Road To Perdition and was so thrilled by the experience, he urged Winslet to star in one of her spouse's movies.
But the actress failed to find a film she and Mendes could collaborate on - until she came across the script for Revolutionary Road.
She says, "Wonderful actors like Tom Hanks would tell me that Sam was so great to work (with).
"I'd be telling them to shut up because I was starting to get a bit jealous. I wanted to experience the side of him and when I did it was as if the final piece of a puzzle of who my husband really is slotted into place."
And it seems the husband-and-wife team's efforts paid off for Winslet - she won a Best Actress Golden Globe and is nominated for a slew of prestigious industry awards for her turn in Revolutionary Road.