Kate Walsh is ''really excited'' for her beauty comeback.

The 50-year-old '13 Reasons Why' actress first launched her beauty company Boyfriend LLC eight years ago with her first fragrance of the same name - which became an instant sell out - and now the scent, which contains a ''combination of florals, pines, musks, amber and vanilla'', has been relaunched with a new focus on ''self-care''.

She told People: ''(I want it to make) people feel sexy, cosy and warm.

''I was playing into the fantasy of a boyfriend, or this idea of a relationship, and having that memory. But now I feel like it's more [about] having that relationship with yourself, self-care, indulgence and pampering. So, it could be (referring to) a boyfriend, (but) maybe you're the only one you need. We're really excited.''

The red-headed beauty - who first shot to fame playing Doctor Addison Montgomery on 'Grey's Anatomy' - said running her beauty company was an ''amazing experience'' because she got to connect ''directly'' with her fans.

However, juggling the brand whilst working on the 'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off show 'Private Practice' at the same time became too much for the star to focus on at the time.

She explained: ''I wanted to do it myself because it was all creative. I wanted to have direct access to my fanbase and to the market. I felt like I could create something that the market actually needed.

''It was incredible and an amazing experience, but what I did not anticipate was in-store marketing costs, the need for newness and the pace. It was too much with a full time job.''