Accusing the current leadership of the Screen Actors Guild of fumbling negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, a coalition of actors has been formed to offer a slate of candidates to challenge the leaders in elections set for September 18. The group, which calls itself Unite for Strength, is seeking to fill 11 seats on the national board of SAG and 22 alternate seats (those who sit in for board members when they are working). Among the candidates are Adam Arkin, Kate Walsh, Amy Brenneman, Marcia Wallace, Ned Vaughn and Doug Savant. Speaking for the challengers, Vaughn, a veteran character actor, said in a statement, "We think the current leadership has put SAG on a dangerous path. ... We can no longer afford leaders who sow division." Arkin added, "I'm concerned for future negotiations if we don't change the leadership that has brought us to this point." Nevertheless, the group has thus far not attracted the support of a single major star. As one person commented on Nikki Finke's Dateline Hollywood Daily blog, "When the actors who appear on the covers of national magazines speak up, then I think SAG members will listen."