Bosses of video-sharing website have removed a steamy film of bikini-clad supermodel Kate Upton because it violates their rules on nudity and sexual content.
The raunchy clip features Upton wearing revealing red swimwear as she dances to The Rej3ctz track Cat Daddy.
It was first posted on American fashion photographer Terry Richardson's website and the Sports Illustrated model posted a link via her page, writing, "MY 'Cat Daddy'!!! directed by Terry Richardson... haha."
As the video begins, Richardson says, "Only in America, tonight, ladies and gentleman, Kate Upton demonstrating the Cat Daddy. Take it away, Kate."
The 19-year-old dances against a wall before covering her chest, saying, "That's it. That's all you're gonna see. Get out of here."
After the video was banned by YouTube bosses, Upton uploaded it to Vimeo instead.