Kate Upton has done her modelling aspirations no harm after it was revealed today that she was the new front cover girl of the legendary Sports Illustrated Magazine. Upton follows a long line of models who are now well-recognized names including Heidi Klum, Elle Macpherson, Tyra Banks and Brooklyn Decker to appear on the front cover, gaining what is a most coveted photo spot.
Reuters reports that aged 19, the model is a native of Melbourne, Florida; therefore it's no surprising, given the warm climate there, that her photo shoot see her wearing very little clothing indeed - a two-tone red string bikini that's bottom piece essentially looks like floss. M.J Day, senior editor at Sports Illustrated commented that Upton "embodies the sophistication and sexiness" needed for a front cover of a publication read by some 70 million people worldwide. Clearly.
Joining Upton in the now traditional swimsuit edition of the magazine were 17 other models, all of whom were hoping their appearance in its pages would launch them onto superstardom. Only time will tell, and Day said the competition was even this year - even so far as getting on the cover. "Every single girl we shoot has the opportunity to be on the cover, and it really comes down to who has the best picture," said Day, "Whoever has that really special, jaw-dropping photo ends up on the cover."