Kate Upton doesn't feel ''confident in a bathing suit''.

The 24-year-old model has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine's Swimsuit Issue three times in her career, but the blonde beauty says she's still not a fan of wearing a bikini as she feels self-conscious in the skimpy outfit.

She said: ''I'm still not confident in a bathing suit! That's why you eat healthy and work out, to feel your best. You always have struggles. It's not like I always feel my best. Everybody has moments where they don't feel confident in a bikini ... When I don't feel my best, that's OK.''

And the star - who is engaged to Justin Verlander - says she's not interested in losing weight in preparation for her wedding, as she says she doesn't ''need a number'' on a scale to make her happy.

She added to Yahoo! Style: ''Honestly, because coming from the fashion world, weight -- when I first started modelling -- was very important. How much you weighed, how much you needed to lose, whatever it was. [Agents] insinuated, always.

''I'm not trying to be fit for a number on a scale. Whenever I'm happiest, I try to maintain that. I don't need a number.''

It isn't the first time Kate has said she no longer worries about the scales either.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I never get on a scale because you can't judge yourself for how much you weigh. What really matters is how good I feel.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty previously said she intends to add a ''flair of sexuality'' to her wedding dress, as she isn't worried about showing some skin in front of her family.

She said: ''I like it all, so maybe [I'll have] multiple dresses. Maybe a nice long sleeve, and then also the big tulle one. I think that I always like to add a little flair of sexuality to any outfit I'm wearing.

''My grandparents get 'Sports Illustrated' ... they've seen it.''