Kate Upton thinks every woman has moments of insecurity.

The Sports Illustrated model - who was catapulted to the spotlight after displaying her famous curves on the magazine cover - insists she loves her body, despite previously being quoted as saying she wished her breasts were smaller.

Talking on 2Day FM radio station, she explained: ''But ... but ... you know, I actually didn't say that [I wanted smaller breasts]. I love my body, and I didn't mean that. ''There's moments in every women's life where you feel insecure. Life isn't perfect.

''You know, you have stumbles with friends, or you're not feeling your best that day, and that's ... I actually didn't even say that, but if I was asked that question, what I would have said.''

Kate - who joins Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann on screen for comedy 'The Other Woman' - insists she just meant everybody has their down days.

She added: '' I just think that women can relate to not feeling their best, and I'm sure men can too, and just moments where you're feeling awkward and that you know, you don't want to run on the beach that day.''