Kate Upton says her ''biggest'' critic when it comes to motherhood is ''herself''.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model welcomed her daughter Genevieve into the world in November 2018 with her husband Justin Verlander, and whilst she receives comments on social media from trolls known as ''mommy-shamers'', she says her main critic when it comes to parenting is herself.

She said: ''My biggest mom shamer is myself. We're always trying to be the best we possibly can and that's why I like to speak out about the subject. Because we're all trying to do our best and be our best, and we need to support each other in those efforts.

''You always feel like you're falling short somewhere, but I think just give yourself a break and know that you are doing your best and continue doing it. Don't put too much on your plate.''

Recently, Kate has been committed to doing more to try and combat climate change, and says motherhood has made her ''very passionate'' about the environment, because she's realised she wants to make the world a better place for her daughter to grow up in.

Speaking to People magazine during an event for Canada Goose - with whom she is promoting a new line in collaboration with Polar Bears International - she said: ''[Motherhood] made me very passionate about the [environment] because I care about her future. I want her to have a happy life, and global warming would prevent her from having the future I foresee her having.

''I've always tried to make a conscious effort to be aware and appreciative of our environment, but I think the real call to action is for companies to make major changes [to] their carbon imprint.

''And for us to use our influence to speak about it and support companies who do care and are aware [of it], like Canada Goose, of their carbon imprint.''

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old beauty recently said she wants to help ''leave the Earth in good condition'' for her daughter.

Kate explained: ''Becoming a mother has changed me in every aspect of my life, so I definitely see it changing which projects I'm involved with in the future. Everything I do, I want to do for her. I want to do everything in my power to leave the Earth in as good as condition as possible for her, and for future generations.''