Fashion’s Night Out 2012’ saw thousands of shoppers take advantage of late night openings at some of the world’s most luxury boutiques on Thursday evening (September 6, 2012). However, the majority of those browsing the stores were there for some good old fashioned celeb spotting, as well as the free gift bags and giveaways of course.
According to the Associated Press, shoppers mingled with the likes of Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian, with the basement beauty floor of Bergdorf Goodman in New York heaving by early evening. The fun wasn’t just to be had in the Big Apple though, as models Yasmin Le Bon and Amber Le Bon were walking in a fashion show at the Westfield shopping center in London, along with LIZZY JAGGER, the daughter of Mick. Perhaps the most lavish events were held on New York’s Madison Avenue, with a Donna Karan show that featured Miss Piggy, of all people. MACy’s was predictably thriving with young fashionistas, though the best ticket in town was for Lord and Taylor, where Kim Kardashian was making an appearance. Aaron Ward, 26, a personal trainer from the Bronx showed up at 4.30pm to get a glimpse of the star, somewhat spookily saying, “Kim is the only person I put my life on pause for…I love Kim but I am not a girl…I am a Kim Kardashian curator”. Meanwhile, a handful of celebrities were using television to get in on the act, with Nicole Richie and Jennifer Hudson both promoting their creations on QVC from 9pm till 12 midnight. Hudson said, “It's a dream to debut on Fashion's Night Out”.
Even South American got in on the act this year, with the streets of Guadalajara packed with late night shoppers. ‘Fashion’s Night Out Mexico’ doubled the number of stores participating from 100 to 250.