Kate Silverton, the Bbc breakfast host, has revealed she had given up hope of ever having children before her "miracle pregnancy". The 41-year-old is expecting her first child in October, but she claims to have been convinced she was unable to conceive.
In an interview with Hello Magazine, the television host said, "This baby is the closest it gets to a miracle for me". Silverton was told she was unlikely to fall pregnant without help after losing an ovary during an operation when she was 29-years-old. Kate and her husband Mike Heron tried four cycles of Ivf and acupuncture without success. Silverton said, "Mike and I resigned ourselves to being childless. We felt desperately sad about it but, as a positive person, my philosophy was that everyone faces challenges in life, and very often much worse than ours". The couple began considering adoption and threw themselves into finding a new home when Kate found out she was expecting. "When it happened naturally, I was stunned. It defied medical opinion and my wildest hopes", she said. Silverton joked that she thought the pregnancy test was "mocking" her when it turned blue.
Kate Silverton is currently the deputy presenter on Bbc News and also presents the Sunday morning show on Bbc Radio 5 Live from 9.30am to 1am.