The Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals defied all predictions last night (18MAY06), with Belgian entry and hot favourite Kate Ryan being knocked out of the running. Finland's chainsaw-wielding shock rockers LORDI successfully went through to tomorrow's (20MAY06) final, as did Ireland's Brian Kennedy. Lithuania's entry, which consists of six men confidently singing "We are the winners of Eurovision", was a surprise success. The UK, represented by rapper DAZ SAMPSON, France, Germany and Spain automatically qualified for the final, as they are the four biggest countries taking part. Host country Greece, as well as the top nine entries from last year's (05) competition, were also already guaranteed a place. The other qualifiers, voted in by the public, were MACedonia, Ukraine, Turkey and Armenia. Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Slovenia, Albania and Andorra were booted out of the contest, as were The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Monaco and Portugal.