Kate Nash Unveils Brand New Single 3am

Kate Nash Unveils Brand New Single 3am

Kate Nash will follow her recent 'Death Proof EP' with new single '3 AM' out on February 18th. The track is taken from Kate's third album 'Girl Talk' set to be released on March 4th. 

Combining Kate's reckless verses with sweet vocal harmonies, '3AM' is a dark but upbeat plea to an ex. The mournful lyrics give way to an almost restless and tub thumping bass guitar hook, making this song ideal fodder for an indie disco despite the themes of desperation. 

Kate describes her new album 'Girl Talk' as a 'mission statement of what it's like to be a woman'. She's been touring venues across the country with her all female band who also played to a packed tent at this year's Bestival. Kate has put this experience into creating a record that spans a true range of emotions and sounds; through the shared experiences with her band on the tour to working in LA and discovering the bass guitar sound that has driven her song-writing on the new record. 

Kate has also been working with girls around the country as part of the 'After School Music Club'. She set this up to inspire young girls to become involved in music and to tackle issues of confidence; she worked personally with the students involved to prepare for a performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, which took place in December.