British singer Kate Nash has shown her support for the ongoing Occupy protest movement in London by writing a song praising the activists.
The Foundations hitmaker teamed up with 30 teenagers for the recording session, which was staged last week (ends19Feb12) as part of the demonstrators' School of Rockupy project.
Nash also helped lead a workshop on songwriting, and she's backing the ongoing protests against corporate greed.
In a post on her blog, she writes, "Occupy stressed that they were trying to encourage change but didn't want to put ideas in anyone's heads about what should change. They encourage people to decide what they think should change. So a bunch of young people from a school in London were invited down to write and record their own song, make the artwork and create some media interest around it, all in one day! I helped work on the lyric/structure of the song.
"I want to state that I support Occupy, we need to be heard and this is something that the government can't ignore. They can bulls**t their way through an election, tell us things we want to hear so that they win a political game and then make selfish decisions based on bulls**t politics.
"We've been let down time and time again and people don't know where to turn anymore. So there's something very pure and refreshing about people doing this. Creating real democracy. Even if it's as simple an action as standing in the street with a sign saying who you are and what you want or something that you disagree with. Somebody has to start listening to that and change must come."