Kate Nash says the weirdest inspiration she's ever had for a song came from a skeleton in her mother's living room.

The 'Foundations' singer often gets creative ideas from the weirdest experiences but she's unsure why the odd appeals to her.

When asked what the strangest thing is she's taken inspiration from to write a song, Kate told BANG Showbiz: ''The skeleton in my mum's living room. Or when I tried to save a frog in the middle of the road in Australia but my band wouldn't let me. ''

Kate's last album release was 2013's 'Girl Talk', but the musician has plans to release a new LP this year, but the odd single is a possibility.

She revealed: ''I probably won't be releasing an album this year, but I have been writing a lot & have plans to make a record. I will probably release some stand alone singles first.''

Kate has tried her hand at acting in recent years and she's keen to take on more roles and her dream would be to work with Quentin Tarantino.

She said: ''I love war movies. I'd love to star in a Tarantino action flick. That's the dream. Or a new Muppets movie obviously. Anything Jason Segel writes is amazing.''

Kate is involved in this year's VQ Awards, a celebratory event for vocational achievement amongst young people.

It's an event close to her heart as the 27-year-old singer earned a vocational qualification when she left school.

She has offered some great advice for those considering a vocational qualification, saying:: ''It's like trying to find the right pair of shoes or a good fitting dress, it doesn't always look good or work first try, just keep trying stuff on ... There's different paths that you might not expect but they can take you to cool places, that's how my life has always gone so far. And if you can't get in the front door, climb in through the window, there's more than one way to get what you want.''

The deadline for submissions for the VQ Awards is May 1 and to find out more information and how to enter visit: www.vqday.org.uk/vq-awards