Kate Moss has an "innate sense of herself".

According to her friend, fashion photographer Rankin, the British model is "the best" at what she does, and he believes there will never be another beauty like her.

He said: "She is best of the best. There is no one like Kate and I don't think there ever will be again.

"She's exciting, Wiley, sarcastic and beautiful. It's weird photographing her as she has such an innate sense of herself. She knows exactly how to work a camera."

However, despite his love for Kate, Rankin - who has photographed celebrities including Britney Spears, Madonna and Cate Blanchett during his career - thinks everyone is photogenic in some way.

He told vogue.com: "Everyone has something about them that makes them photogenic.

"If I can't take a good picture of someone then I'm a s**t photographer. People come alive when they're not scared of the camera. Take photos of yourself and you'll soon get a feel of what you feel comfortable doing."