Cosmetics brand Rimmel has been slammed for exaggerating the effect of its mascara on Kate Moss' eyelashes in a magazine and television advertising campaign.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that two adverts should not be shown again due to their potential to mislead consumers.

In the first of two offending ads, an image of supermodel Moss wearing Rimmel's Magnif'eyes mascara was accompanied with the message: "Traffic stopping lashes… outstanding lash lift."

An accompanying television advert claimed that the product could give consumers "70 per cent more lash lift that holds".

Complainants said that Moss was wearing false eyelashes in both adverts, while the ASA itself accused Rimmel of exaggerating the effects of its mascara.

The beauty firm insisted in its defence that the model had not been wearing false eyelashes, but failed to provide documentary evidence to back these claims up.

Rimmel did admit however that Moss' lashes had been "cleaned up and enhanced in post production".

And after providing proof of its 70 per cent lift claims an ASA statement said: "The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) said it was satisfied that the demonstration sequences were an accurate reflection of the capabilities of the product and supported the claims made in the TV ad."

Nevertheless, the ASA said it was "concerned" at a failure on Rimmel's behalf to supply evidence that Kate Moss had not been wearing false eyelashes.

Earlier this year L'Oreal was criticised after it emerged Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz was wearing false eyelashes in a mascara advert.

03/10/2007 00:01:00