A new poll has revealed the celebrities that people turn to for sartorial inspiration, with a number of musicians being named style icons of the 20th century.

Supermodel Kate Moss was selected as the face of fashion for the 1990s, while MATERIAL GIRL Madonna was top choice for the 1980s, with a massive 75 per cent of the vote, and Blondie songstress Debbie Harry was named fashion icon of the 70s by the Clothes Show London survey.

Women dominated the survey overall, but fab four THE Beatles came in the top four of the 1960s, while glam Rock Star David Bowie came second in the 1970s category.

According to the organisers, the number of actors and musicians classed as top in the style stakes shows how the boundaries between popular culture and fashion are "increasingly blurred".

"This survey paints a fascinating picture of who Britain considers to be the great fashion icons of the last century," comments Gavin Brown, managing director of Haymarket Exhibitions. "Each a Muse to the other – the development of the British fashion industry goes hand in hand with the ever changing styles of the icons of the past century."

Other famous faces who earned a position on the list included former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham, who ranked above her footballer husband David, Bianca Jagger, and actress Brigitte Bardot.


People wanting to follow in the style footsteps of the celebrities need look no further than fashion lines created by the stars, with HEROES actress Hayden Panettiere announcing she would like to design her own clothing range, according to a Women's Wear Daily report.

GWYNETH PALTROW is designing a range of casual clothes for ZOEtees and style icon of the 1990s KATE MOSS has her own range for Topshop.

22/04/2009 16:29:39