Kate Moss' on/off boyfriend JEFFERSON HACK was left reeling after he came face-to-face with the supermodel's recently dumped ex Daniel Craig.

According to the publisher's mother THERESA, Hack and Moss have an "open relationship", which left the British beauty to pursue a four-month romance with the Road To Perdition actor, which ended last month (JUN04).

Hack brought his and Moss' daughter LILA GRACE to the star-studded London premiere of Michael Moore's documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 at VUE CINEMA in Leicester Square on Tuesday (29JUN04) and was astounded to see Craig.

A source says, "Both Jefferson and Daniel wanted to see the film and RSVP'd. They were not warned the other was going because they might have been put off coming.

"They didn't look happy about seeing each other though."

After the screening ended, Hack and Lila Grace fled the cinema, leaving Craig to mingle with fellow celebrities SIR PETER O'TOOLE, Bill Nighy and Bianca Jagger.

01/07/2004 02:08