Supermodel Kate Moss had a hilarious encounter at Stella Mccartney's Scottish wedding earlier this month (SEP03) with a local who failed to recognise her.

The sultry star was getting a lift to her fashion designer pal's wedding across the remote island of Bute on a horse and cart when the farmer driving asked her whether she'd seen any celebrities yet.

A source carries on, "He told them he'd heard supermodel Kate Moss was on the island but that she wasn't anything special."

Kate responded, "A model? Wow. I wonder what she looks like without her make-up on," before the farmer replied, "Rough as old boots. You are much prettier. Have you ever considered modelling?"

An amused Moss answered, "Thanks, I'll tell Kate, she's a good mate. And I'll think about your career advice."

However, when Kate finally gave in and told the farmer who she was, he refused to believe her, saying, "Get out of here - you are never Kate Moss. I'd know her a mile away."

09/09/2003 14:08