Kate Moss is furious after learning an upcoming biography will expose explosives details of her childhood and early sexual experiences.

The British supermodel is notoriously protective of her private life, and has instructed her lawyers to examine Katherine Kendall's book, KATE MOSS: MODEL OF IMPERFECTION, which is scheduled for release in February (05).

Kendall claims the 30-year-old lost her virginity when she was 14 during a family holiday in the Bahamas, and she began drinking and smoking at the tender age of 13.

A friend of Moss says, "This sort of thing makes Kate furious. She never gives interviews because she's a very private person. She doesn't want someone raking through her past.

"She's not collaborated with the author in any way and she doesn't think her friends have either."

CHAMBERLAIN BROS, who will publish the controversial book, stand by Kendall's account of the troubled beauty's life.

A spokesperson comments, "There are many stories in the biography that may shock some of Kate's fans but we think it's even-handed. We hope Kate will be OK with it - she's pretty thick-skinned."

A spokesperson for Moss counters, "She's not seen the book yet but will be going over it with a fine tooth comb. She will take legal action if there's anything in there that's not true.

"Kate's fiercely protective of her privacy. We'll be very interested to see what this supposed biography has to say."

05/12/2004 14:22