Supermodel Kate Moss has coined an embarrassing nickname for her jilted stay-at-home boyfriend JEFFERSON HACK - the "babysitter".

It was revealed yesterday (16NOV03) that the pair secretly split six months ago, but have remained living together for the sake of their one-year-old daughter LILA.

However, while party-loving Kate has still been enjoying nights out following the split, Jefferson has been staying at home looking after his daughter - leading Moss to poke fun at him with the nickname.

One friend of the catwalk queen tells British newspaper The Sun, "Her mates thought this was very funny. She is devoted to Lila but likes to go out and get her mind off things.

"Jefferson prefers to stay at home with their daughter. He won't like the nickname."

Magazine publisher Hack is also reportedly concerned at his ex-love's close relationship with raucous Primal Scream rocker Bobby Gillespie.

The source adds, "There is no suggestion that anything's going on but it hurts Jefferson."

17/11/2003 13:28