Kate Moss' has been accused of trying to seduce a personal assistant (PA) while under the influence of cocaine.

REBECCA WHITE, who claims to have known Moss since 1998, alleges the British beauty lured her back to her hotel room and fondled her breasts, reports British newspaper the News Of The World.

White says, "I was working with Anna Friel at a fashion event in New York. Kate was there - and high.

"She told me that she head to go back to the hotel to change her clothes. She said, 'And you're coming with me.'

"When we got back to the hotel room, Kate immediately tore off her black dress. She came up to me in her panties and started kissing me.

"We fell onto the bed together and she touched my breasts, but after a few minutes of groping and kissing, I started to feel nervous and pushed her away."