LATEST: Kate Moss has agreed to return to London this week (ends03FEB06) and meet British police officers investigating video footage and photographs which show her snorting cocaine.

The supermodel was working in New York City when a British tabloid newspaper published the graphic pictures of her indulging in the Class A narcotic in September (05), and has not returned to the UK since, fearing she would be arrested.

The 32-year-old, who has completed a spell in rehab and dumped drug addict ex-lover Pete Doherty, has struck a deal which will see her fly into London on a private jet later this week and be interviewed at a police station under caution.

Officers have warned Moss that she must make a "full and frank" confession and supply details of her dealer, or she could face a 10 year prison sentence on supply and possession charges, after she was seen dishing the drug out to former The Clash rocker Mick Jones.

Britain's Crown Prosecution Service - which has the final say over whether police cases are brought to court - says, "We continue to work closely with the police and once they have concluded their investigation we will await a formal request for a decision."