Supermodel Kate Moss was snubbed by The Bravery frontman SAM ENDICOTT - just weeks after her split with troubled rockstar Pete Doherty.

The waifish beauty hung around after the band's show in London last week (23FEB05) after leaving a message for their manager to say she was keen to meet Endicott.

However Moss stormed off as the American rockers decided they would rather have an early night than meet up with the English model.

A friend reveals, "She was really disappointed. But Sam and the band decided they were too tired. She ended up leaving in a hurry and jumped in her car."

Endicott isn't the only star to reject the advances of Moss - she was apparently "desperate" to spend time with Franz Ferdinand frontman ALEX KAPRANOS, who didn't even open his dressing room door to her.

Last month (FEB05) the Scottish singer said, "I must be the only man to turn down a supermodel."

04/03/2005 14:13