Supermodel Kate Moss is reportedly expecting a baby with her rocker partner Pete Doherty, according to the Babyshambles frontman's uncle. PHIL MICHELS claims the former Libertines star broke the news during a phonecall from Italy on Friday (20OCT06), with Moss expected to make an official announcement in the next few weeks. Michels says Moss has had a scan, and the couple are delighted by the news - and plan to wed as soon as possible. He says, "I have spoken to Pete twice about the baby and he has confirmed that Kate is pregnant. They are both delighted and Pete sounded really excited. "That is why they want to get married. Pete told me they want a baby together to cement their marriage. I am made up for them. They're so happy, they love each other. "I can't wait for the wedding - we are just waiting for a date."