Supermodel Kate Moss is planning an extravagant Caribbean bash to mark her 30th birthday - intensifying speculation her party-loving lifestyle ended her relationship with JEFFERSON HACK.

The British beauty will jet 75 friends and family members to an exclusive Jamaican resort, which she has hired out in its entirety, costing a massive $160,000 (GBP100,000).

The party - which will take place on 16 January (04) - will be catered for by Kate's own team of cooks and close pal Bobby Gillespie's band Primal Scream will provide the music.

Despite splitting with Hack six months ago, Kate has invited the father of her daughter LILA to the lavish celebration, but sources close to the magazine publisher are certain he will stay away.

A source says, "Although Kate has invited Jefferson to the party, it is unlikely that he will go. This could not be a clearer sign of her sticking two fingers up to Jefferson.

"He hates the fact that she doesn't want to settle down and it has caused the break-up of their relationship."

19/11/2003 14:15