Troubled model Kate Moss is already being offered millions of dollars (pounds) to publish her rehabilitation diaries, even though she is still battling her drug demons at an Arizona clinic.

US publishing houses, including Bertlesman and Simon and Schuster have been quick to home in on the catwalk queen, desperate to persuade her to tell all and make a fortune.

Hollywood producers are also eager to cash in on the style icon's fall from grace, insisting her story would be a box office triumph - but the profiteering interests of showbiz moguls have been branded unethical.

ROSIE BROCKLEHURST, of anti-drugs charity Addiction, warns, "It would be very unscrupulous of publishers and film makers to make approaches so early on in Kate's drug treatment.

"Sometimes there can be benefit in someone writing down their experiences of how they beat drugs, but only when they have had a sufficient amount of time to recover. It would not benefit anyone, let alone Kate, for there to be a book or film so soon."

A friend of the model says, "Every night before going to bed she writes up her diary in her second-floor bedroom. She has been told to be as honest as possible."