Supermodel Kate Moss has triggered fears her advancing years are affecting her partygirl lifestyle - after collapsing into bed halfway through her 34th birthday bash. The catwalk beauty - who turned 34 on Wednesday (16Jan08) - invited a host of celebrities to her party including Rolling Stone rocker Ronnie Wood and musician Jools Holland - which she planned to spread over 34 hours - one for every year of her life. However, Moss - who kicked off her marathon session at London's Dorchester Hotel at 2.30pm - only made it to the 18-hour mark. A pal says, "Kate was determined to go for it. She has been paranoid that everyone is saying she's too old and past it. She had already been knocking back the champagne by the time she left her house for the Dorchester. "Kate was quite sick when she went to bed. She's certainly not the party animal she once was."