Supermodel Kate Moss refuses to pay a bill after falling out with London hotel CLARIDGE'S over the cost of her all-night 30th birthday party.

The English waif claims the hotel has overcharged her by $11,700 (GBP6,500) and is refusing to pay for the extra staff employed for the night, the subsequent cleaning-up operation and a bar bill of $8,100 (GBP4,500).

The British style icon hired the $7,200 (GBP4,000)-a-night penthouse suite to enable her to get ready for an earlier celebration held at the home of photographer Sam Taylor-Wood. Guests including Stella Mccartney and Sadie Frost then returned to the suite to continue partying.

Moss is disputing the final bill of $36,000 (GBP20,000).

A friend tells British newspaper THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, "She was dubious about the bar bill but was prepared to overlook it.

"But she is furious about the service charges.

"She is spitting feathers and also cannot believe all the negative publicity that has come out around the party.

"She's devastated that people know what really went on. She's blaming the staff at Claridge's, saying the leaks must have come form their end."

01/02/2004 14:32