LATEST: Kate Moss has reportedly ended her romance with rock singer PETE DOHERTY after his arrest on robbery and blackmail charges.

Doherty and a musician pal were arrested on Wednesday night (2FEB05) after a fight at a London hotel in which a man was allegedly assaulted.

They were held in custody for 30 hours before being brought before a magistrate on Friday (4FEB05) - during which time the former Libertines frontman attempted to contact the supermodel.

But Moss refused to accept the call, choosing instead to ditch the rocker through his friends, reports British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD.

A source tells the newspaper, "Pete got his mates to phone her later and she told them it's over."

Doherty was bailed by Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, but his record company were unable to raise the $285,000 (GBP150,000) bail money in time - meaning the singer is spending the weekend in the British capital's Pentonville Prison.

06/02/2005 23:23