Supermodel Kate Moss has dumped her rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty after photographs taken on his mobile phone showing the couple canoodling were published over the weekend (12FEB04).

The catwalk beauty, 31, decided to end her four-week relationship with former LIBERTINES star Doherty as he fights to kick his drug addictions in a bid to prove his love for her.

Private Moss was so angry at seeing the pictures in British newspaper THE SUN she ditched the 25-year-old over the telephone.

And Doherty, who recently spent six days behind bars after he was arrested on assault and blackmail charges on 2 February (05), is devastated as Moss was his primary incentive to quit drugs.

He tells The Sun, "I can't believe Kate has done this to me now.

"The only reason I'm trying to get clean is because I love her so much."

Doherty is due in court on 21 February (05) to answer bribery and robbery charges.

14/02/2005 02:41