Kate Moss is locked in a battle with Jade Jagger over the affections of a pal of British Royal Prince William, just days after repairing their friendship after a two-year war.

Wealthy JACOBI ANSTRUTHER-GOUGH-CALTHORPE, 21, has reportedly been inundated with calls from the supermodel and SIR Mick Jagger's daughter, who are both keen to date the socialite.

But Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe has caused another rift between the pair by picking Moss over Jagger to accompany him on a holiday to France. They famously fell out two years ago when Jagger discovered Moss was secretly dating her ex-boyfriend Dan Macmillan behind her back.

A source tells Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper, "Jacobi's like a kid in a sweet shop.

"All these beautiful women are after him. But it's Kate and Jade who have been chasing him the most.

"He's loving the attention and has decided to give Kate a go as he says he fancies her more than Jade.

"He was planning to fly out to Marseille for a secret rendezvous with her at the weekend, but he wouldn't go into any further details.

"I think they're both just after a bit of fun."

17/08/2004 13:34