Supermodel Kate Moss and jewellery designer Jade Jagger have kissed and made-up after SIR Mick Jagger's daughter finally forgave the beauty for stealing her boyfriend.

The pair have been sworn enemies for almost two years (begs02), since Jagger discovered Moss was secretly dating her ex-boyfriend Dan Macmillan behind her back.

Since the incident, Jagger has made the depth of her loathing for the sexy 30-year-old model very clear by sending her an un-welcome gift - a gem encrusted necklace bearing the word 'slag'.

But now it seems the women are best friends again after being photographed laughing and joking together on a secluded beach in the Balearic island of Ibiza.

According to friends, Kate - who recently split with boyfriend JEFFERSON HACK - has been longing to bury the hatchet for some time.

A source says, "Kate has really missed Jade's friendship. They both made mistakes and feel it's time to move on and put the past behind them."

11/08/2004 14:04