Kate Moss has signalled her commitment to bad boy rocker Pete Doherty by agreeing to buy a house in London with him.

The supermodel and the Babyshambles frontman have reportedly been viewing properties worth up to £5 million in plush Regent's Park and Primrose Hill.

But the news has shocked friends of the couple, who are expected to marry later this year.

"Everyone is amazed that they're looking for a joint mortgage. It's rather romantic," a source told the Sunday Mirror.

"But Kate's more conservative mates have been saying it's Madness, given Pete's reputation as a wildman.

"He is not the first person you think of when it comes to financial stability. But they are both giddy about it and see it as a pledge of their love," the source added.

Doherty, 28, has previously only rented properties, with the tabloid claiming they are usually trashed before his leases run out.

But the Sunday Mirror source went on to say that Doherty's relationship with 33-year-old Moss and lucrative record deals had changed his attitude.

"Pete never even used to have a bank account, but that has all changed. He got a huge advance for his new record deal with Parlophone. And the band have just announced a full arena tour at the end of the year.

"Doherty is an idealist. And he used to think that the idea of owning a home was right wing. But now he sees it as a lovely chance to settle down and pledge himself to Kate," the source said.

18/03/2007 18:19:14