Kate Moss is allegedly so fed-up with Sienna Miller copying her style she has moved away from her customary bohemian look because of it.

According to friends, the British supermodel believes ALFIE star Miller replicates her clothing selection and is searching her "back catalogue" for fashion inspiration.

A source says, "The whole thing about Sienna looking like Kate is really funny and must have annoyed Kate Moss.

"Kate does think Sienna copies her bags and shoes, pulling two quite different pieces of clothing together.

"She made a 'that b**ch is wearing my shoes' comment over a pair of BIRKENSTOCK sandals that Kate wore first and Sienna wore the next day.

"Kate says that Sienna never used to dress like that, but now it seems as though she's going through her back catalogue. Kate has moved away from that boho look because of it."

Moss is also not keen on Miller's boyfriend Jude Law, who was once married to her best friend Sadie Frost.

The source adds, "And bear in mind that Jude and Kate do not get on at all. Jude was supposed to be godfather to her daughter LILA GRACE, but she axed him."

16/12/2004 05:45