British journalist-turned-reality TV judge PIERS MORGAN was thrown out of a celebrity party by supermodel Kate Moss after he laughed at her boyfriend Pete Doherty's singing. AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judge Morgan was struck with uncontrollable laughter during Doherty's rendition of The Small Faces' ITCHYCOO PARK at a masked ball in Twickenham, England last month (OCT06). He describes the Babyshambles frontman's karaoke attempt as "a tuneless whining noise akin to a lobster being skinned alive". But after Doherty bumped into a wall during his ramshackle performance, Morgan was laughing so hard he had to remove his mask - revealing his identity to an irate Moss. Writing in British newspaper The Mail On Sunday, Morgan says, "Kate saw my face and gasped in horror. 'Oh f**king hell, what the f**k is he doing in here,' she shrieked. 'Just f**king get him out of here?' "Pete didn't know what was happening. I doubt he ever knows what's happening. "And so I left my masked ball, frogmarched out by security, to the cheers and jeers of the entourage. "Well, just as I thought, she's a drunken, foul-mouthed, ill-mannered, paranoid Croydon girl with a cocaine-desecrated hooter and spots. And Pete's a filthy talentless junkie who can't sing." Morgan was formerly editor of the Daily Mirror, the newspaper which last year (05) published images showing Moss snorting cocaine in a London recording studio.