Troubled supermodel Kate Moss has found another high-profile supporter as she fights her drug demons - best friend Stella Mccartney's stepmother.

Heather Mills McCARTNEY insists she has never seen Moss taking drugs and had no idea the British beauty had a problem until it was exposed by the media last month (SEP05) when photos of Moss cutting up cocaine appeared in the tabloids.

Mills McCartney says, "She is a very sweet, lovely girl who obviously is going through troubles."

But the model and activist is angry with the fashion houses who have recently dumped Moss from their campaigns over the scandal, claiming top designers only turned their backs on her when he problem was exposed.

Mills McCartney adds, "I think it's terrible that these companies want to be hypocritical... They knew, in the first place, that these girls do drugs.

"Choose people who are proper role models. There are loads of great role models out there that can represent the company. There are loads of models that don't do drugs, so just think about who you're making into an icon for young kids."