Kate Moss has unveiled an exhibition of her most famous modelling work.

The supermodel is the subject of a major new auction by Christie's in London which will see 58 iconic images honouring her as the ''ultimate fashion muse'' go on sale later this month.

According to Christie's director of photography Phillippe Garner, Kate was ''delighted'' but ''slightly bewildered to see herself turned into works of art being presented in Christie's auction house.''

He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''She is by no means blase about that. She was flattered, there was a degree of self-deprecation as if to say 'what, me?' But she is delighted to see it unveiled. She can see pictures she knows just as sheets from a magazine turned into full works of art.''

The exhibition - titled 'A Celebration of Kate Moss' - includes a blown-up image from her iconic 1993 Calvin Klein campaign, which is expected to sell for £12,000, while a portrait of her sporting David Bowie-like make-up could fetch between £25,000 and £35,000.

The pictures were curated by German art collector Gert Elfering as a tribute to the 39-year-old beauty.

He said: ''The works pay homage to Kate, a great contemporary icon, and also pays homage to some of the greatest artists and photographers working today. Kate is very much one of a kind. Her career has been so long that those of us who have followed it feel like we know her. We have seen her evolve from a slightly awkward adolescent into a charming, mature and elegant woman.''