Heartless supermodel Kate Moss partied backstage at a concert - while laughing at boyfriend JEFFERSON HACK's attempts to get in.

The couple, who have a daughter LILA GRACE, were reported to have split earlier this year (03) amid speculation about Kate's wild lifestyle and close friendship with rocker Bobby Gillespie. They insisted they were still together, despite press claims that the relationship had been over for months and Kate referred to Jefferson as "the babysitter".

But Kate's behaviour at the Kings Of Leon concert in London last week (11DEC03) suggested all was not well between them - as she partied backstage with celeb pals like Liv Tyler and Stella Mccartney, Jefferson desperately tried to into the VIP area and was ignored by his lady.

An insider reveals, "Those two have a seriously f***ed up relationship.

"Jefferson was having trouble getting in to join Kate but she wasn't helping. She was laughing at the fact that he kept getting turned away by the bouncers. He kept telling security, 'But it's Jefferson.' And they were like, 'Sorry, mate, who?'

"It was so humiliating. He was asking for all the band's security guards by name but they weren't having of it.

"He only wanted to get in to tell Kate he was leaving, as he had to be at another party. But she didn't want to know. Everyone but Kate and her friends felt really sorry for him, and in the end he left before the embarrassment became too much."

18/12/2003 01:58