Kate Moss saves her favourite clothes to give to her daughter Lila Grace.

The 42-year-old supermodel gets to keep many of the high fashion pieces she wears for shoots and in the past she would let her friends have items they liked.

But now Lila is 14 years old and interested in fashion, Kate keeps the garments for her to wear.

Speaking to LOOK magazine, she said: ''Most of it I do (keep). I lost a lot on my travels. But now I've learnt! I used to give away pieces to friends who said they liked it, but now I keep the good bits for my daughter.''

Kate also gives Lila - whose father is the catwalk beauty's ex-partner Jefferson Hack - makeup and beauty tips, accrued from her four-decade modelling career.

At the moment, mother and daughter have differing opinions on how thick Lila's eyebrows should be, with the teenager preferring thick brows rather than thin ones.

Kate shared: ''I've always had quite thin brows, but they grow back normally. Lila's really into them (big brows). She tries to make them thicker and I'm like, 'Right, OK, they look like they've been cut out and stuck on your face!' But whatever - it all goes around, doesn't it? I'm sure next season we'll be back to the thin brow.''