Kate Moss ''never'' shares beauty advice with her sister.

The supermodel admits she won't ever give her younger sibling, who is also a model, any recommendations about beauty regimes or make-up as they're ''so different''.

She said: ''My sister Lottie and I never share beauty advice. She is who she is, she has her own distinct personality and I have mine. We're so different and she has a really good look going on. Everyone does their own stuff in their own way.''

And the 45-year-old supermodel also won't give her daughter, Lila Grace, 16 - who she has with her ex Jefferson Hack - any advice but she ''loves'' watching her do her make-up.

She added: ''I don't dare give my daughter Lila Grace advice, but I love watching her do her make-up. She knows how to use gloss and highlighters. Sometimes I think, 'How has she done that?' It never looks the same on me.''

Kate takes advice from fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell on where to get ''good treatments'', although she admits she doesn't always follow her make-up tips.

She told Stylist magazine: ''Naomi Campbell is always telling me where to go for good treatments. She gives me make-up tips too, but to be honest, I don't always listen. When I was younger I wore a lot of black eyeliner and she was always like, 'Take it off, take it off', but I loved it too much.''