Kate Moss is moving from her "jinxed" London house.

The model has spent £7.5 million on a seven-bedroom new house in the Highgate area of the British capital after a run of bad luck at her old home in nearby St. John's Wood.

A source said: "Kate spent big money giving her old place a makeover after it was burgled, then flooded.

"But she still never quite felt at home there and called it her 'jinxed house'."

Kate - who lives with her partner Jamie Hince and her eight-year-old daughter Lila - was encouraged to move to the area by Jude Law and Sienna Miller, who moved there from north London's Primrose Hill, which was previously infamous as one of the favourite Haunts of the supermodel and her friends.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "Jude and Sienna have been talking up Highgate and encouraged her to move to the area.

"They have described it as the new Primrose Hill."

Kate's old house is currently on the market for £10 million, which would be a £2 million profit on what she paid for it in 2007.

It has also been reported she and Jamie have been looking at buying a seaside property in Britain with a view to turning it into a luxury guesthouse for their friends, and have checked out places in Cornwall and Devon on the country's South West Coast.

Kate also owns a rural home in the Cotswolds, which is in England's midlands.