Kate Moss made £5 million last year.

The 40-year-old model mainly secured the hefty sum through brand deals.

The figures - which are for the year ending October 31, 2013 - show she cashed in from deals with Rimmel, Topshop and most recently, biker brand Matchless.

Kate also collected money from her two firms, which have assets of £16.7 million.

A source revealed to 'The Sun' newspaper: ''In the accounts for 2012 the two firms were worth £11.7 million but by the end of 2013 that had risen to almost £17 million.

''It shows Kate's earnings aren't slowing as she gets older and that she's still being handed big sums by clothing brands who are desperate to get her in their gear.''

Meanwhile, Arcadia mogul Philip Green has slammed reports that Kate's Topshop collection isn't selling well, after eager eyes spotted pieces from her collection being discounted.

Philip told 'The Daily Mail' newspaper: ''The range was very, very successful and we waited until the end of the season to clear whatever was left. No more complicated than that.

''There's nothing untoward, whether it's got Kate Moss in it, or any other brand, what we've got left at the end of the season around the globe, we sell. There's nothing that sells 100 per cent, whatever it is - it doesn't exist in any business.''