Kate Moss has revealed she lost her virginity when she was just 14.

The 44-year-old model has admitted she felt like ''the bee's knees'' when she had sex for the first time 30 years ago, in a bumper year which also saw her scouted in an airport by Storm Models founder Sarah Doukas.

She revealed: ''I was 14 and I'd just lost my virginity. So I thought I was the bee's knees. I was in the airport puffing away. I'd got on the plane and then Sarah's brother came up to me and said 'Have you ever thought about being a model?'

''[I said] 'Never, never, never.' I was short, I had bow legs and cooked teeth and nobody thought I was the prettiest girl in the school. I was just really skinny, which was a disadvantage at the time.''

But after three decades in the modelling world, Kate - who has daughter Lila Grace Moss-Hack, 15, with her former partner Jefferson Hack - has admitted she grew up too fast.

She said: ''I mean I was alone as well. I wouldn't let my daughter do it that young. I was just thrown into an adult world.''

Although she has a wealth of experience, Kate only found confidence in her abilities in recent years, and is still reluctant to say she's ''good'' at modelling.

When asked if she was a confident model at the start of her career, she said: ''No, not until much later. It's not really until quite recently that I know, not that I'm good at it but it is something that I can do. But that's probably years and years of training.''

And despite being used to working a camera lens, the blonde beauty hates camera phones.

Speaking to Love magazine, she said: ''I don't see it as a friend. It's always been more of a love/hate thing. Its paparazzi and people at those parties and I don't like it. Camera phones I don't like. But when I'm at work it's a whole different thing.''