Kate Moss feels more confident with a tan.

The 39-year-old supermodel is the new face of St. Tropez self-tan and claims using the safer, UV-free alternative to tanning helps her feel comfortable in her own skin as well making her look healthier.

Kate said: ''St. Tropez do it so well now that you do look natural, so there's no reason to go around with a pasty pallor any more, which is quite exciting.

''When I've got a tan, it definitely helps with your confidence, you just feel better and you look in the mirror like, 'Oooh I look quite healthy'.''

The blonde beauty also admits she has far too many clothes, but would never throw any away in case she ever decides to wear them again.

Speaking to HELLO! TV, she explained: ''My clothes go into storage when I think I'm not going to wear them any more, but you never know because I've made that mistake before.

''I've got rid of them and I'm like a year later, 'Oh no, why did I get rid of that?' ''