Kate Moss has the ''same bloody problems'' as everyone when it comes to her skin.

Make-up artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury - who first met the supermodel on a Dazed & Confused shoot in the 90s - claims her muse Kate doesn't look perfect when she wakes up in the morning and needs make-up to enhance her best features, just like the rest of us.

Charlotte told The Times newspaper: ''Kate, Claudia [Schiffer] - they wake up like the rest of us. All right, they're probably a bit more symmetrical.

''But Christ, if they don't sleep because they've been up all night with the baby or they have a pimple or they've been travelling - they're skin and bone like the rest of us. Same bloody problems.''

The beauty guru - who has worked with the likes of Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna - insists most models look unrecognisable without their slap and claims everyone can look catwalk-ready if they just make an effort with their make-up.

Charlotte said: ''A lot of these younger models ... you wouldn't even blink when they're walking down the street. Then you put on the make-up and oh my God! It's like being a magician.

''Don't think it's just because they're amazing. You're amazing as well and you can have a bit of that it should be for everyone.''