Kate Moss is desperate to retract comments she made in a magazine interview referring to her drug-dabbling past.

The British supermodel, who gave birth to daughter LILA GRACE last October (02), regrets comments she made to British music magazine Q that she had "dabbled" with drugs in her youth - and is trying to get the quotes removed before the issue hits the news stands.

Kate, who is engaged to magazine mogul JEFFERSON HACK, fears the comments will jeopardise her multi-million dollar (pound) deals with companies including cosmetic giant RIMMEL.

A source tells British tabloid THE SUNDAY MIRROR, "As soon as she said it, Kate feared the worst. Now her people are trying to have the confession pulled out of the interview at the last minute.

"They know Kate has spoken about drugs in the past - but they really don't want to rock the boat with any of her contracts."

Kate, whose former lovers include Hollywood hunk Johnny Depp, is particularly concerned about the effect the admission will have on her American work.

In 1993 the model first admitted to smoking marijuana, and last year Hack was hounded by anti-drugs protestors for praising the use of Ecstasy for its "inspiring" qualities.

17/08/2003 12:56