Supermodel Kate Moss is keen to branch out in her career - she's now taking acting lessons and wants to star in movies.

The British beauty has already made her first steps in a musical direction - by teaming up with Primal Scream pal Bobby Gillespie on a remake of classic track Some Velvet Morning.

But the mother of baby LILA GRACE is keen to develop her acting career, and has already turned down a role in Stephen Fry's film Bright Young Things, because she didn't yet feel ready for such a high-profile role.

A source tells The Sun, "Kate was very flattered to get the offer but she didn't feel ready to tackle something like that.

"She has always wanted to get into acting but she knows she would be under the spotlight and open to ridicule from the critics.

"She has no intention of giving up the catwalk yet but she knows you can't keep modelling forever.

"A lot of her closest friends are actors, like Sadie Frost, JONNY LEE MILLER and Kevin Spacey and she'd like to give it a go."

03/10/2003 01:31