Kate Moss' 40th birthday has inspired an artist to stage an exhibition in her honour.

Russell Marshall's 'Kate Moss: 40 - A Retrospective' exhibition will display 10 iconic images of the supermodel - who celebrates her milestone birthday on January 16 - starting when she was scouted aged 14 by Storm Model Management and taking the visitor through the key moments of her career so far.

The pictures will be presented across 10 canvases in one of 10 colours and visitors will be given the chance to purchase any of the stamped and signed artworks, and select their preferred colour.

A mini-biography of the star will come with the images and will contain some of her most famous quotes.

These include her confessing to Vanity Fair magazine that 'Long Ranger' star Johnny Depp taught her about ''fame'' and gave her advice on how to handle being in the limelight.

Kate said: ''I was lucky to be with Johnny at that stage. He taught me a lot about fame. He told me 'never complain, never explain'.'

The exhibition will run from January 17 to February 15, 2014, at the Imitate Modern Gallery in London.