Kate Moss was "moved to tears" at her wedding.

The supermodel - who tied the knot with The Kills rocker Jamie Hince at a ceremony held in St Peter's Church in Southrop, South West England, on Friday (01.07.11) - couldn't control her emotions on the big day and was "absolutely ecstatic" to be surrounded by so many loved ones as she tied the knot, her dad Peter has revealed.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "It was fantastic, very lovely day. The wedding was not as rock 'n' roll as you'd think. It was a very good party, but not a party that went on for three days, exactly.

"Kate was absolutely ecstatic and moved to tears to have all her friends and family around her.

"When you've got two or three hundred friends with you then it's going to be a good day isn't it?"

Guests at the wedding included Naomi Campbell, Sadie Frost and her ex-husband Jude Law, former Clash rocker Mick Jones and Topshop boss Sir Philip Green.

Kate - who had 15 bridesmaids at the ceremony, including her eight-year-old daughter Lily Grace - attempted to make sure her day went without any disturbances by asking for military planes flying from nearby Raf Brize Norton to be diverted or postponed, but the request was "politely" turned down.

A military source told The Sun newspaper: "Kate should consider herself lucky she just got a polite refusal.

"RAF Brize Norton is a fully operational wartime air base.

"Flights from the base carry troops and vital equipment directly to Afghanistan. These flights are absolutely crucial. The idea that the top military brass would put these flights on hold or change their routes just to give a celeb some peace on their wedding day is absolutely inconceivable."